For more information about your pet you can ask your question. Through Dr Garner wants to save as many pets as possible from the horrors of heartworm disease.

Ask the Docs

Ask Dr. Garner your own heartworm and general pet health questions! is the brainchild of Dr Steven Garner. What drives an ordinary practitioner to set up his own website educating pet owners about the dangers of heartworms? Well, Dr Garner is no ordinary practitioner. Since 1984 Dr Garner has operated Safari Animal Care Centers in League City, near Houston Texas. From the beginning Dr Garner believed in 2 things: first that we should always “Diagnose Before we Treat” and that “Educated Clients” would provide better veterinary care to their pets.

Through a program of continuous study Dr. Garner has attained board certification in Canine and Feline Medicine as well as specializing in birds and exotic pets. He uses both standard and advanced diagnostic techniques like ultrasound, MRI and digital radiography every day in his practice. Dr. Garner specializes in surgical techniques using laser, microsurgery to perform spinal surgery, heartworm removal surgery and advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries.

In order to develop a practice that could offer pet owners access to specialty services at an affordable price Dr Garner had to develop his own business tools. His practice management methodology was so successful it has been taught to thousands of practitioners all over the world in countries as diverse as Australia, Hungary and Japan.

To help educate pet owners about the options available for a longer, healthier pet life Dr Garner developed the HealthMap and VetPlan software. Together these provide medical records, client friendly reports and a wellness program customized for each pet. This software has been used by veterinarians in the USA, UK, Australia and Japan.

Over the past 30 years, Dr Garner has seen huge advances in both the treatment and prevention of heartworm. Who would have thought, 20 years ago, that one day heartworm prevention could be given as monthly topical treatment or a single injection that lasts 6 months? But despite the ease of prevention only 50% of pet owners are giving heartworm preventions correctly. Through Dr Garner wants to save as many pets as possible from the horrors of heartworm disease. By providing information and videos we hope you will be able to make the right choices to protect your pets.