If Pets Could Talk

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June 2011

Straight Talking from the Heart

If pets could talk they would want you to know certain facts about heartworm. Cats would tell you that they get heartworms too and because it is usually fatal cats would much prefer prevention. Dogs would tell you that they are very susceptible to heartworm infection and unlike you have poor defenses against it…. Read More.

May 2011

We live longer because of pets, but do pets live longer because of us?

Society today is complex, filled with stress and the race for the perfect drug to deal with this stress is on. As neuroscientists study the chemistry of the brain for the recipe for the chemical soup that is most calming they have realized two things… Read More

April 2011

From the Backyard to the Bedroom

Pets have migrated from the backyard to the bedroom, from the kennel to the couch, becoming a part of the family part of our every day lives. Recent studies show that over 85% of pet owners consider their pets as part of the family and almost 60% would risk their lives to save their pet. This importance of pets necessitates a change in the way we provide for their health and wellbeing… Read More