From the Backyard to the Bedroom

Pets have migrated from the backyard to the bedroom, from the kennel to the couch, becoming a part of the family part of our every day lives. Recent studies show that over 85% of pet owners consider their pets as part of the family and almost 60% would risk their lives to save their pet. This importance of pets necessitates a change in the way we provide for their health and wellbeing.

As an advocate of wellness, prevention and proactive medicine and surgery, I will speak for pets sharing the fruits of my knowledge in their behalf. I will contrast my proactive approach to preventing disease to the traditional reactive illness and injuries approach.

Have you had pets get sick or die without having a blood or urine test prior to the illness? Do you know that the average purebred dog or cat has five hereditary diseases?  Do you know which ones your pet is predisposed to?  Do you know how to have your pet tested for these diseases? The three most common causes of non-accidental death in dogs and cats are heart disease, kidney disease and cancer. These diseases can be detected early with testing and often managed so that the pet lives years longer

Did you know that there are three things that affect the longevity of your pet?  One is the genetics, two is its environment, and the third is your pet’s diet.  Diet is the easiest to influence and has more of an effect on longevity than anything else you can do. If your pet could talk they would tell you to be more proactive, to learn what the threats are and to manage the risks that endanger this special relationship we call “The Bond”.

If your pets could talk they would ask you to follow them to a veterinary practice where wellness and disease prevention is the focus. For example, in the wild, pets mask disease symptoms to prevent them being preyed upon by other animals. Domesticated pets also mask disease symptoms which can make it difficult for owners to spot illness early enough to make a real difference. Kidney disease is one of the top three causes of death in both cats and dogs. Did you know that a simple blood test can detect kidney disease years before clinical signs of disease become obvious?

Smush-faced dog and cat breeds are predisposed to a condition called “dry eye”. Lack of tear production causes the surface of the eye to be covered in dark pigment eventually causing blindness. Pets mask the signs so well at first showing only increased discharge in the corner of the eye. A two minute pain free test measures tear production and the problem is corrected.

Did you know that over two thirds of pet owners purchase a holiday gift for their pet while one third takes their pet on vacation with them?  Did you know you can give your pets more? Give them the gift of a longer healthier happier life.